Cyberpunk Metaverse Connecting web3 ecosystem

Your home in the Metaverse

Reserve your property in the Metaverse

Walk around, display your NFTs, and more to come...

Store your motors in an attached garage

All of your motors can be viewed and customized in your capsule

In the first Yaku tower in the Yakuverse

The home of the Yaku DAO on the open, explorable map

Insane Cyberpunk Motors

Cyberpunk motors powered by organic technologies

Discover our first ONI-S01 generation one bikes!

Fitted to your YakuX Avatar

Let your avatar hold this monster

Play in the first and craziest motorcycle championship in the metaverse

Race as an individual or build a team with your friends or other DAO’s

Amazing Playable Avatars

High-end full body 3D avatars

All pieces are made with HD textures, optimized for Plug & Play gaming compatibility

Playable in every Metaverse

All NFT holders will have access to a secured vault that stores your avatar in various formats (fbx, glb…). Avatars will be usable in every metaverse (Meta, VRChat)

Based on Cyberpunk Degen attributes

Avatars are based on our own manga story. There are 3 types (Human, Shigami, - this part is cut off and not visible


This roadmap outlines our main goals. We aim to become the first manga & metaverse producer co-developped with commnity. The more we work together, the faster our goals will be achieved!

Q1 The rise of Yakuverse

Mint of Motorcycles ONI-S01

Playable in our Metaverse and a P2E game

Mint of CapsuleX pods in the Yaku Tower

To walk around, hang with friends, display your nft’s, chat and manage your solana ecosystem

Mint of Avatars YakuX

To represent yourself in the Yakuverse and represent the Yaku DAO in other metaverses

Q2 The expension of the Yakuverse

Launch land sales and community access

Everyone can purchase real estate in the Yakuverse and acquire a home for their DAO’s

Launch of a Metaverse shop: YakuStore

Clothes, shoes, accessories for 3D Avatars and bikes

Introduce downtown casino with HRHC

All HRHC/Parlay casino features will be integrated

We use the best technologies

We're currently in touch with major players to create one of the most decentralized projects


Frequently asked questions

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Meet our team

Here is the (amazing) team which run the Yakuverse... Check our bio on Discord